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The applies all the precautions required in the handling of confidential information and protection of personal data, not only to comply with national and international legislation, but also to respond to the trust placed in our company.

We develop our work complying with international standards.

Declaration of Commitment - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New data protection legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation was applicable in all EU countries: the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our records include data that has been obtained throughout our contacts with numerous customers, so has always been responsible for respecting and privacy the data received, which it intends to maintain and reinforce with the application of the new Regulation.

In addition to the situations in which we process your personal data, in the context of the services we provide and the fulfillment of the legal requirements to which we are obliged, we also process your data for other purposes, for which your consent is always requested, inticking the desired options. will retain your data for the period necessary and in accordance with the legal and contractual requirements, ensuring confidentiality and professional diligence.

You can contact us for any questions related to the protection of your data by directing your written request with the subject "Personal Data Protection" to Email:

The data collected in the own form provided about your company/institution are intended only for your identification for the purpose of the collection of consent under the GDPR and billing.

We also inform you that as the holder of your personal data, you have the right to request access to them, to change them, to partially or totally limit their processing, as well as to decide on what autonomous processing you want to give them and at the limit, to withdraw consent and exercise the other rights legally provided for.